Please note Leah is currently on a leave of absence and not accepting any new clients. 

If you have a question about a previous matter, or would like a referral to another lawyer or other resources, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Welcome to Woodhaven Law


Providing estate planning and small business legal services that are personal and accessible.

Located in Kelowna and serving clients across British Columbia.


Hi, I’m Leah, the face behind Woodhaven Law. 

My mission is to make legal services such as wills, estate planning, and small business services easier to access and understand.

Proper planning and documentation is so important, yet many people will avoid it or delay too long because they are uncomfortable working with a lawyer or feel they can’t afford it.

Welcome to Woodhaven Law

Woodhaven Law offers estate planning services for families and individuals, and is committed to breaking barriers for parents of minor or dependent children who don’t think estate planning is within reach for them.

Woodhaven Law offers access to sound legal advice, affordable fees with no surprises, and a personalized, bespoke style approach to legal services. Focusing on small business services for creatives and makers.

I highly recommend Leah!

She was very easy to communicate with, and went out of her way to work around my schedule. Leah is friendly and thoughtful and easy to talk to – she doesn’t mind explaining things more than once for us muggles, and she never made me feel bad for my many questions.

She put an incredible amount of time and energy into drafting up a very specific contract for my business, and she even added in a few jokes into all the legalese, which I know my clients will appreciate! (And I didn’t even know lawyers could do!)

Trust that with Leah you are in excellent hands, and might even have a little fun in the process too.

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